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There are many opportunities to volunteer at the shelter. Some projects may be short-term, such as painting a room, while others are ongoing (animal care, maintenance of the grounds, cleaning, etc.)

Resident dogs need to be walked and played with both for exercise and socialization. The kennel area must always be kept clean throughout the day.

The cats in the shelter each need socialization; volunteers learn the personalities and quirks of the cats and can form a close bond very quickly. The cats are always looking for a warm lap!

In the summer maintenance of the grounds can include weeding, lawn mowing, hedge trimming, and just general outdoor work. The fall means raking and leaf blowing; winter, shoveling snow.

Volunteers must be 18 years old to volunteer by themselves. If under 18, they may volunteer with an adult to stay with them and chaperone them. Interaction with the cats and dogs is not required. Your volunteer experience with us can be tailored to fit your and our needs. The shelter  is a fun environment and provides the opportunity for learning as well as  accomplishment

Accepting New Volunteer Applications

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